Roof Coatings

Moss growth on roofs has reached unprecedented levels in many parts of the UK. It creates a dull and dirty appearance which is unsightly, can reduce the value of your home and cause severe damage. Clay and concrete roof tiles have a limited life, becoming porous as the effects of acid rain, pollution and bird lime eats away the water resistant surface. Erosion is also accelerated when wet tiles freeze and thaw during the winter. The increase in weight of soaked tiles adds further stress to the roof shortening its life expectancy.

This is why many homeowners in the UK are taking advantage of roof renovation solutions as provided by Tile Seal. Our roof restoration system is up to 70% cheaper than a new roof and restores your old roof to its former glory.

Tile Seal are a market leading roof coating company based in Scotland with years of experience in roofing.

What Stormproof Coatings Don’t Do…
• We don’t take deposits!
• We don’t use sub-contractors!
• We don’t expect payment until you are 100% satisfied!
• We don’t change the price quoted, even if there are 100 tiles to be replaced!

Roof Coatings Scotland
Roof Coatings Isle Of Lewis
Roof Coatings Glasglow

The process

Stormproof Coating’s Roof Membrane coating system has been formulated with specific performance requirements to meet the functional requirements of the roof restoration industry and comes with a 10 year guarantee.

Tile Guard uses a step by step process insuring that your roof is done the correct way. Please see below our process.

 •  Inspection: The entire roof is inspected for damaged tiles, loose or missing bedding and moss/lichen.

 •  Clean: The roof is cleaned using high pressure, and the wash water is directed away in an environmentally friendly manner.

 •  Repair/Replace: Damaged tiles are replaced.

 •  Re-point: We will re-point with a flexible acrylic pointing mix.

 •  Fungicide: Applied to eliminate further moss and lichen growth

 •  Protection: 2 layers of Tile Guard’s unique micro porous roof coating that is totally waterproof but allows the roof to breathe is applied.

Roof Coatings Scotland stage 1
Roof Coatings Scotland stage 2
Roof Coatings Scotland stage 3